Sock Sets

Need a perfect match for contrasting heels and toes?  Look no further than CCD's Sock sets.

"Full Sock" sets include a full skein of a main color and a mini skein of a contrasting color.  "Shorty Sock" sets include a half-skein (50g) of main color and a mini of a contrasting color and are intended to make ankle-length socks.  Please check your pattern to ensure you will have enough yardage!

Both set types are available on Salem, and will typically make a pair of ladies' medium sized socks.  Project scraps are great for the ever popular sock blanket, or working into your favorite sweaters or shawls. 

Fingering weight; 2-ply, high-twist
75% superwash merino, 25% nylon

Full Sock sets - 555 yards total
Full skein: 463 yards per 100 grams
Mini skein: 92 yards per 20 grams

Shorty Sock sets - 323 yards total:
Half skein: 231 yards per 50 grams
Mini skein: 92 yards per 20 grams

Note, this yarn was previously called "Salem HT".  The yarn is the same, we just dropped the HT.